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Single source publishing konzept

single source publishing konzept

Single-source publishing - Wikipedia Single Source Publishing Save time and money on content Single Source Publishing with Flare - WritersUA Single-source publishing, also known as single-sourcing publishing, is a content management method which allows the same source content to be used across different forms of media and more than one time. Single source publishing is a content management concept that allows you to save time by storing all content in one master source file. Single source publishing is an issue that is often discussed from various angles. The concept comprises two main principles: Information supplied from one source for a range of media,.g. Three models for single source publishing and challenges Single source publishing - Revolvy Single Source Publishing: Creating Customized Output Single Source Publishing - Stylus Studio Prostata massage sex analkugeln - Vagina sucker When publishing different versions of content for different audiences, you can choose from among several single source publishing models: individual outputs, rights-based views, and dynamic filtering. Each option has challenges, however, and is not easy to pull off. Single source publishing, vendor hype surrounding it notwithstanding, is a broad approach to content aimed at enabling creation of information products targeted to specific audiences.

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Am I documenting a product that contains several modules with a mutual basis (same layout, same window structure, joint dialogs, etc.)? The principle behind master-project linking is that all shared information is stored in one master project. This happens in the so-called Variable Tag Set. If you want to use Flare for single source publishing and keep your online help succinct/compact at the same time, conditions are a must. This is because they are synonyms in the source language, while in the target language they are not. Instead of creating content for every output you want to publish, you can easily generate it all from the master source file. When your roles arent clear cut, managing rights falls apart. Once your content is written and tagged, you need to output. When Is It Useful to Use Single Source Publishing? Snippets Snippets contain information shared between more than one topic. You can work with a single TOC or outline in Flare or create a TOC for each output format. Ford, for example, was able to tag its single owner's manual files so that 12 model years could be generated via a resolution script running on the single completed file. Hoboken: John Wiley Sons, 2008.

single source publishing konzept

from your output, this might be due to an excluded or not-included condition. Introduction, single source publishing is an issue that is often discussed from various angles. Contents " image following a section heading to jump back here. In the topic, only the snippet information that is not excluded with a condition is shown. No one knows which link to go to to find the right documentation. Lower ongoing costs : save time and money by updating one master source file instead of hundreds of outputs. Your build and deployment process takes forever. This is because it's not obvious whether the text they are reading comes from a single source publishing Project or is written in a normal word processing program. Figure 4: Target, Variables tab Here the author sets the values for the variables as they are to be used in the output. Hershey : IGI Global, 2007. ...

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In a document produced via single-sourcing, the index will be translated automatically and the two words will be rendered as synonyms. You cant really review each output for errors. This question has to be answered by the editors themselves, as there are no general guidelines. How can csoft help? In the Snippet Conditions tab of the topic properties you can exclude or include information from contained snippets. Contents, click a link below to jump to a particular section; click any ". This start-up period sklave nackt schuhe lecken has to be reckoned with. Which basic approach do I want to follow (top-down or bottom-up)? Petra Thiemann, Senior Technical Editor cognitas GmbH Alte Landstr. Using information from one source repeatedly. Csofts, global Communications team is experienced in building content from the ground up for international organizations with industry-standard single source publishing software. Figure 1: Import dialog box Files imported from another Flare project are marked with a "key" symbol and can only be edited after confirmation. She is also a certified Flare Trainer. Isbn Doug Wallace and Anthony Levinson, "The XML e-Learning Revolution: Is Your Production Model Holding You Back?" Taken from Best of The eLearning Guild's Learning Solutions: Articles from the eMagazine's First Five single source publishing konzept Years,. In this case, including is relevant: In the case of multiple labeling, the included condition overrules the exclusion principle. From the technical perspective a snippet is a "headless" sklave nackt schuhe lecken topic (head tag) and is ideal, for example, for parameter or button descriptions. As a result, this means that in a single source publishing project there are at least three topic templates: one for descriptions (e.g., introductory text one for instructions (step-by-step procedures and one for reference information (GUI or command descriptions). Quality : reduce errors by editing one master source file and automatically updating all outputs. For other uses, see.

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